October 25, 2011

"Rich Blogger: Fact or Fiction?"

Greetings to all.......

Aku tetiba terpanggil untuk menyertai writing competition yang dianjurkan oleh blog EQBALZACK
mungkin kerana tangan ni memang gatal nak menaip. Niat bukan untuk meraih kemenangan tapi 
lebih kepada untuk memberikan idea/pendapat.

Pada pengunjung...boleh beri komen anda di bawah. Essay ini pun akan ditapis dahulu oleh  
penganjurnya sebelum boleh diterima untuk digunapakai dalam menyertai competition ini.

Dapat button tu pun jadilah...sebagai koleksi.  

eqbalzack.com MONTHLY CONTEST!


                             "Rich Bloggers: Fact or Fiction."
The idea to start a blog depends to an individual, what part of the blogging population do they want
to be?

Rich Bloggers have to be courageous... the owner of the blog who created this competition for
example or Ben Ashaari. Their form of words and actions become so powerful to convince people.
They chose the topics which are hit and people searching for it. So is Dapur Tanpa Sempadan, 
his hit counter is just like the water meter of an Olympic size swimming pool. His entry of a simple dish attracts so many people.

Albeit the words of frustration among them two that sometimes can be heard, they keep on posting for
more. That means what ever they post in their blog that may be different to other which make
Peeping Tom keep coming for more if they will find something interesting. They are certainly rich
among the bloggers in the country in terms of the visitors. As far as money is concerned, let's ask
the bloggers themselves.

For Rich Bloggers in terms of money, these type of people have set their mind ready to dedicate the
day to becoming wealthy just by blogging. These people have an entrepreneurial mission, such as
promoting and selling hijabs, handbags and shoes to name a few. Their kinda approach to marketing
are smart and driven. Their skills give them a fast track to success and their ideas are unique. In short ... blogging is a good medium for doing business by any chance. They don't have nine to five job or to close shops. They can have the blog going on twenty four/seven.

Anyways....for those who have succeeded as a Rich Blogger...simply stick with it. Maybe you
are meant to be.

Well....back to the topic...I guess Rich Bloggers is a fact. TQ


  1. salam,
    sori lambat singgah sini sbb hari ni jadual full.
    entry yg bagus ni. nnt eqbal linkkan kat blog..
    saya tak kaya mana pun tapi saya nak share something utk akak.
    hadiah2 Giveaway tu semua dtgnya dr income saya dr nuffnang dulu. dan sekarang saya 'ubah selera' dengan join adverlets.
    so saya share income tu sebab income tu dtg dr followers saya. adil rasanya...hehe

  2. nnt akak jangan lupa isi details via form @ CONTACT. saya dah pos utk peserta lain. OK

  3. I sure will my dear...hope you can join too.

  4. salam. terima kasih sudi singgah blog saya. Entri yang bagus.

  5. Azelyusoff ~ Anytime my dear. I really adore courageous people cos for me nothing is impossible. No matter if you are a he or she.



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