May 18, 2011


What are the Common Symptoms of Hypertension?

Most people with primary hypertension don't have any obvious symptoms at all, also the possible symptoms of hypertension vary quite a lot from person to person. These symptoms could also be symptoms of other health problems, however here are a few of the more common symptoms of hypertension to look out for.

One of the symptoms of hypertension is: 

1.  chronic headaches. 

When you get chronic headaches that last for days (rather  than hours) you should immediately see a doctor and get your blood pressure checked.

2.  Dizziness or Vertigo

3.  Blurry or double vision

4.  Drowsiness

5.  Nausea

6.  Shortness of breath.

Usually when this occurs people start to get a little concerned. Often by this time though the blood pressure has probably reached high enough levels to be dangerous as this is one of the last symptoms of hypertension you'll experience. 

7.  Heart palpitations 

8.  Fatique - general tiredness 

9.  A flushed face  

10.  Nosebleeds   

11.  A strong need to urinate often (especially during the night)  

12.  Tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing in the ears)  

If you have any combination of these symptoms, then you should get your blood pressure checked by a doctor.

Junie Octovian: Saja nak share dengan pengunjung blog dan teman-teman yang seusia dan seangkatan tentang penyakit ni. Sebagai ingatan juga sebenarnya.Semasa lawatan ke Gleneagles Intan akhir bulan lepas, penulis didiagnosed menghidap hypertension. Tension sungguh dibuatnya. Maka itu teman-teman cuba la bawa bertenang di usia sekarang ini. Kata orang pun cegah sebelem parah atau kata omputihnya 'Prevention is better than Cure'.  Wallahualam.

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